Supervision of PhD students (3 defended, 6 in progress)

2008-2011: Dr Thomas Martinez, Photocatalytic coatings intended for building materials: formulation, assessment of efficiency and ecotoxicity. (50%, Co-supervision with Prof. G Escadeillas)

2008-2011: Dr Steeves Larreur-Cayol, Attacks of cementitious materials by organic acids in agricultural and agro-industrial effluents: alteration mechanisms and performances of binders. (50%, Co-supervision with Prof. G Escadeillas)

2012-2015: Dr Peter Mikhailenko, Valorisation of products and by-products derived from agro-food industry for the development of agents intended for concrete and bituminous materials: optimization and efficiency of the formulations in relation to the materials’ properties (50%, Co-supervision with Prof. E Ringot)

2012-2015: Thomas Verdier, Low ecotoxic impact-building materials including titanium nanoparticles to fight durably against indoor microbial proliferation (100%)

2013-2016: Celestine Voegel, Biological and chemical attack of cement-based materials in on-farm biogas plants (50%, Co-supervision with Dr B Erable)

2014-2017: Alexis Simons, Characterization and control of microbial proliferation on bio-based building materials for healthy and sustainable buildings (50%, Co-supervision with Prof C Roques)

2015-2018: Amaury Buvignier, Biofilm-cementitious materials interactions in sewer networks: understanding the processes and the role of aluminium (50%, Co-supervision with Prof E Paul)

2015-2018: Orlane Robin, Biodeterioration of cementitious materials in sewer networks: developing best performing linings (50%, Co-supervision with Prof E Paul)

2015-2018: Mathilde Berthomier, Leaching of aluminium from slag-based mortars (50%, Co-supervision with Prof. C Lors)