Main national collaborations

Since 2009: Dr L. De Windt, EN Mines Paris

Geochemistry, modelling: Modeling of organic acid attack on cementitious materials using HYTEC software

Since 2010: Dr V. Simon, LCA (INP-ENSIACET), Toulouse
Analytical chemistry: Assessment of VOC abatement using photocatalytic varnishes (laboratory and in-situ measurements)

Since 2010: Dr B. Erable, LGC (INP-ENSIACET), Toulouse
Microbiology, process engineering:

- Bio-reactivity of nitrates at the bitumen-concrete interface of LL-IL radioactive wastes repository
- Biodeterioration of concrete in biogas systems

Since 2013: Prof. E. Paul, Dr M Peyre Lavigne, LISBP (INSA Toulouse), Toulouse
Microbiology, process engineering : Biodeterioration of concrete in sewage networks

Since 2012: Prof. C. Roques, LGC, Pharmacy faculty Toulouse

Microbiology, pharmacology: Impact of photocatalytic particles on bacterial and fungal proliferations on building materials

International collaborations:

Since 2004: Prof. J. Duchesne, CRIB (U. Laval) Canada

Concrete, durability: Durability of concrete in agricultural environments

2005-2012: Prof. MG Alexander (U. Cape Town) South Africa
Co-editing of 2 international books on chemical attacks on concrete

Since 2013: Prof. J. Lloyd, K. Morris (U. Manchester) UK
Microbiobiology, Radiochemistry: Denitrifying activity of a bacterial wild consortium in LL-IL radioactive wastes repository

2013-2018: Dr H. Jonkers (TU Delft), The Netherlands
Leading of RILEM TC 253-MCI

2015: Prof. Kevin Paine (U. Bath) UK

Biodeterioration of innovative cementitious materials

2014: Dr Martin Rosenqvist (U. Lund) Sweden

Microstructural characterization of deteriorated dam concrete