Main responsibilities in research:

Since 2006: Scientific Director of the Technology Transfer Division (DTT) of LMDC. Team of 4 people (2 Engineers, 2 technician staff).
Objective of the DTT: Meet the requests of enterprises and contractors for expertise, analyses, diagnoses and consultancy and promotes results of research activities of LMDC in the field of building and public works.
Activities: Technical assistance, concrete analysis (mechanical propertiesdurability), forensic expertise, characterization of buildign materials, aggregate control, concrete and mortar formulation, participation in research and development projets…
I review expertise reports, I advise on the type of tests to be performed and help with interpretations, ect.

Since 2010: Head of Microstructure and Chemistry Service of LMDC

Team of 3 people (1 Engineer, 2 technician staff).
I am in charge of: budget, call for tenders for equipment purchases, daily management of the service…
Equipments: XRD, SEM, HPIC, HPLC, ICP AOS, ATG-DTG, FTIR, potentiometer, ovens, various microscopes, etc.

Since 2009: Chair of “Chemistry and Microstructure for Durability of building materials” axis in LMDC.

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Main educational responsibilities:

2005-2008: Responsible for Teaching Continuous Training at IUT Toulouse

Organization of cross-training and degree courses for the Teachers of IUT (17 departments, 400 teachers). 150 hours of training/year. Survey on needs, etc.

2007-2011: In charge of the implementation of a new educational modulus: Student's Individual Professional Project at IUT Toulouse

2011-2015: Responsible for Student's internship (160 students) at IUT Toulouse

Since 2015: Dean of Studies Undergraduate level degree (120 students), INSA Toulouse