Scientific Influence

Activities in RILEM international committees

2005-2012: Member of RILEM TC 211-PAE Performance of cement-based materials in aggressive aqueous environments (Chair: Prof. Mark Alexander, U. Cape Town).

Members: 22 international researchers.
Main objectives: to address performance of cement-based materials in aggressive aqueous environments (sulfates and/or magnesium bearing waters, soft or acidic waters (organic/inorganic), marine waters)
Organization: 4 Working Groups. (WG1) Nature of degradation and deterioration mechanisms, including kinetics, considering the compositions of real environments (WG2) Modelling of deterioration and Service Life Modelling (WG3) Methods for testing concrete degradation and performance (WG4) Engineering implications and consequences of deterioration, engineering approaches. I was co-convenor of Working Group 1

Outcomes of the TC work: 

- Organization of 2 international conferences (I was co-chair of the final conference with MG Alexander in 2009) Proceeding:

- Publication of a State-of-The Art Report (2013) (I was co-editor of this book, edited by Springer)

2013-2018: Chair of RILEM TC MCI Microorganisms-Cementitious materials Interactions (Secretary: Dr. Henk Jonkers, T.U. Delft).
Members: 45 international scientists and industrial members from 16 countries.
Main objectives: To implement concerted approaches and comparison of research outcomes on the topics related to cementitious materials-microorganisms interactions to move toward a better understanding of the phenomena and to standardization and/or certification.
Organization: 4 Working Groups (WG1) Deterioration of cement based materials by microorganisms in different contexts (WG2) Algal colonization on building materials and protection of materials (WG3) Proliferation of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) on building materials in indoor conditions (WG4) Bacteria-based protective systems. 

Expected achievements: A state-of-the-art report, reports on results of round robin tests, recommendations on test procedures, organization of 2 international conferences (2016, Delft; 2018, Toulouse)

2015-2017: Expert member of the Technical Activities Committee of RILEM


Organization of workshops and conferences:

2009: International conference RILEM TC 211-PAE: Concrete in aggressive aqueous environments – Performance, testing and modeling, 3-5 June, Toulouse, France

I was in charge of the organization of this conference.

I was co-chair of the conference and co-editor of the proceedings (598 pages, 2 volumes) with Prof. M. Alexander.
Programme of the conference: 61 oral presentations, 8 posters, a technical day, 150 international participants.

2016: 13th Workshop of the CEFRACOR Committee Biodeterioration of Materials, 29-30 March, Toulouse



Member of Journals' Editorial Boards

Since 2015: Member of Editorial Board of Cement and Concrete Research

(Editor-In-Chief: Prof. Karen Scrivener)

Since 2015: Associate Editor Materials & Structures

(Editor-In-Chief: Prof. Pietro Lura)

Since 2015: Member of the Editorial Board of Matériaux & Techniques

Since 2010: Member of the Editorial Board of International Journal of 3R’s – Repair, Restoration and Renewal of Built Environment (Editor-In-Chief: Dr Anjan K Chatterjee)

2015: Invited editor of a special issue of the national journal Matériaux et Techniques



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International collaborations:

2015: Hosting invited professor Kevin Paine, U. Bath, UK

2014: Hosting Dr Martin Rosenqvist, U. Lund, Sweden



Activities in national committees:

2012-2015: Member of the CEFRACOR committee: "Biodeterioration of Materials" (Chair: Pr. F. Feugeas, INSA Strasbourg)

Since 2015: Secretary of the CEFRACOR committee: "Biodeterioration of Materials"

Objective: (i) To share knowledge and recent advances in research on the theme of alteration of materials (concrete, stone, metal…) by microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, algae), alterations likely to induce sanitary, aesthetics and durability issues. (ii) to organize scientific events (symposia, thematic schools...)

Since 2007: Member of the GEF 8 «Leaching» national standardization and round-robin tests commission + Perfdub national project.
Institutional members: 3 French public and private research laboratories (LMDC, GeM-ECN, LERM), French Atomic Energy Centre (CEA), Electricité de France (French electricity supplier), 1 cement manufacturer (VICAT), French association of cement manufacturer (ATILH), Concrete Industry Study and Research French association (CERIB)
Objective and activities: To develop a leaching test standard to qualify concrete exposed to some aggressive aqueous environments (acidic media, pure and soft waters). Round robin tests are carried out to determine (i) the test procedures (ii) the durability indicators (iii) the application domain and limits of the standard.
My contribution: (i) I share my expertise on the physical and chemical aspects of acid attacks on cementitious materials and help to define the application domain and the limits of the test, (ii) I manage the round robin tests at LMDC and make feedbacks to the commission.





  • Academic contest Excellence SMABTP (2005), 2nd award for my PhD work
  • Innovation Award « Novela » Toulouse Metropole 2014 for all my research work
  • AFGC award 2014 (Civil Engineering French association) for all my research work
  • International award: RILEM Robert L’Hermite Medal 2014

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