Research topics

My research activities mainly concern the interactions between cementitious matrices, organic matter and microorganisms both in aqueous and air media

My research works focus on the investigation and the understanding of the phenomenology of these interactions in order to improve the durability and the quality of concrete constructions.

The core of my skills is that of the durability, microstructure and physico-chemistry of cementitious materials

I carry out multidisciplinary research, involving notably microbiology, analytical chemistry, process engineering and geochemistry skills

I have developed several very active and fruitful national and international collaborations with researchers with different skills (see “International and national scientific collaborations” section).

My research activities are organized into two main axes.


Axis 1: Interactions between cementitious materials, organic matter and microorganisms in aqueous media.

Durability of cementitious materials:

- in agro-industrial environments, biogas production structures

- in sewer networks

Bio-geo-chemical interactions in the deep repository of nuclear wastes (reactivity of nitrates in alkaline environment, biodegradation of organic matter)





Axis 2: Innovative processes intended for building materials that aim (a) to improve the quality of outdoor and indoor air and (b) to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms (bacteria, algae, fungi) on concrete walls in air media.

Air pollution: phenomenology and efficiency of photocatalytic degradation of NOx and VOC (BTEX) by photocatalytic glazes (at the reactor scale and at the room scale).

Proliferation of microorganisms on building materials: investigation of various innovative chemical compounds as a way to prevent microbial proliferation on building materials surfaces in order to improve (i) the aesthetic quality of external concrete walls (algae colonisation prevention), and (ii) sanitary conditions inside buildings (inhibition of bacterial proliferation on concrete surface indoor, sensitive issue in hospital, childcare facility…).